Meet me….

myface A couple years ago my daughter suggested I write down some of my old family recipes. I thought, “hey, that’s a good idea”.  Many of my recipes are in my head and not really written anywhere. Life then got in the way as it can and I put that on hold. Since then my daughter has done extremely well with her blog and she suggested again, that  I should  actually begin a real food blog….and I could put all my recipes on it. Let’s just say…..she is very persuasive. I am attempting to save all the old recipes I grew up with.  All the recipes that I’ve come across as I meandered through life.  All the recipes I’ve collected as I clawed my way through parenthood.  And  all the recipes I learned while working in different food arena’s. I have never received formal training. But, I have always had a connection with food and have continuously collected and experimented with recipes over the years. And by the way, there has been a lot of years. I have learned that not every recipe works or even taste good. I have a curiosity that helps me tweak recipes until they become something I would love to serve my family and friends. My family and friends are very supportive and help to consume all the trials and errors. Bottom line is….. its really about the food, the love, and the delight on the faces of my children and grandchildren.